Playing bad Ice Cream 4 – Few tips to give it the ultimate shot

In case you’re someone who has spent lot of time working or studying during a day, you would certainly be looking forward to some type of entertainment so that you can relax yourself. So, if you think you’re going through this same situation, you would definitely try to find out information on how you could play bad ice cream 4. If you search the internet, you will see that bad ice cream one of the funniest games which you could find in recent days and hence you shouldn’t ever miss the chance of playing this game.

The main goal of this game

Well, the primary objective of this game is that you have to eat the fruits which appear on the screen of your computer. As you start the game, you will be immediately assigned with either an icon or a character and all you need to do is to move around this icon and eat the fruits. Choosing the mode of the player is the first step that you need to take while starting the game. If you wish to play with another friend, you have to choose the 2 players mode. 2 players is the maximum number of players who will be allowed to play the game simultaneously.

There will be various levels from which you can select the one where you can enjoy the game the most. In case you wish to take risk and play the advanced levels, you would need to pass the initial levels first and this clearly implies that you have to work hard in order to keep winning the game continuously.

How to control the game in a 2-players mode

When you switch over to the 2-players mode, you could control the first player with the arrow keys and the other one could be controlled by the other WASD keys. The control command you have to execute here are same as the normal games which you otherwise play online and hence you can be sure that this wouldn’t cause any kind of inconvenience to you. The space key has to be used by the first player to shoot the balls and the second player can use the F key to do the same. Shooting is the most crucial part of this game as until you blow off the hindrances which bar you from reaching out to the fruits, you can’t score points.

Since the bad ice cream 4 is a timed game, you need to have enough time and patience while playing the game. As you keep breaking blocks, you’ll grab awards. With more advanced levels, the rewards will be more with more blocks going off your way.